A New Day + New Cover.

So I’m back, after some terrible days that actually came as a surprise to me, I’m still here. Some good has happened since then, some bad also, normal stuff. This week I missed 2 days of college, I wanted to get rested to get through the next weeks, and I did. I think this was a big deal, not dealing with college right now. The day that I did went to college I talked to my friends, and I was kind of direct about how I wanted to act. Continue reading “A New Day + New Cover.”


Do I even want to be alive?

Last days or weeks (time passes and I can’t really tell how much has passed) has been absolute hell for me. I can go into details of what exactly happened, but doesn’t really matter right? What matters in the end is how did it made me feel.

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Counting the Days.

I hate that sometimes I fall back to my unhealthy patterns, but most of the time I feel like I can’t help it. Since college started 2 weeks ago (feels like a year) I’ve reached both highs and lows with anxiety, the constant invites to events and socializing is draining me, I’ve reached highs where I think I can get through this, it’s been really hard for me.

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