I don’t think I need this. For now.

This blog was amazing to me, I’ve read about lives, and so many people read about mine. It was great, it helped me when I needed the most, it was a cool activity, but I’m not longer in need to write about my life or my demons.

I want to thank each and every single one of you who read my blog, commented on any post, liked and followed. I received support in my worst days, and motivation on my best. I’m not through it all, it’s a constant battle, but I have my tools now, at least for now, in this moment, I’m ready.

My anxiety and depression are always there, I’m not cured by any means and bad days will come, but I’m not gonna get pleasure for writing about it anymore. I’m gonna focus on my other interests, and I’ll keep fighting. Maybe one day I return to give some update, but I’m just really glad that you guys were part of this moment in my life. Thank you and good luck ❤

The Good Feeling of Blogging. (Update on Meds)

Lately I’ve been posting less and less and I know that, but that doesn’t mean I’m stopping, every time I get in here just to see what people are posting or if there is a new comment, a sudden “relief” emerges even if it’s just half a second, I think it’s the sudden realization of things that I got through and posted here, bad days where I felt like doing nothing but still posted, or the “not so bad” days where I was able to enjoy things. Continue reading “The Good Feeling of Blogging. (Update on Meds)”

A New Day + New Cover.

So I’m back, after some terrible days that actually came as a surprise to me, I’m still here. Some good has happened since then, some bad also, normal stuff. This week I missed 2 days of college, I wanted to get rested to get through the next weeks, and I did. I think this was a big deal, not dealing with college right now. The day that I did went to college I talked to my friends, and I was kind of direct about how I wanted to act. Continue reading “A New Day + New Cover.”

Counting the Days.

I hate that sometimes I fall back to my unhealthy patterns, but most of the time I feel like I can’t help it. Since college started 2 weeks ago (feels like a year) I’ve reached both highs and lows with anxiety, the constant invites to events and socializing is draining me, I’ve reached highs where I think I can get through this, it’s been really hard for me.

Continue reading “Counting the Days.”